Where does someone find inspiration? If you ask a roomful of writers where they get theirs, you will probably get a room full of answers; all of them totally different from the next:  

For some, it can come in the form of a loved one; the one you picked up and held in your arms when they were born, or the one you held as they breathed their last breath.

 For some, it can be found in a walk on a brisk N.Y. autumn day sharing the sun with crimson colored leaves. 

For some, it can even be found in the smell of hot coffee brewing on a morning after…

Some can find that inspiration in a dog’s friendly bark or the laughter of a child.
Not All Shadows are Dark...
 Still others, like me, can find it in a lifelong friend’s experience that was shared with you and allowed you to feel every emotion right along with them.  

 Inspiration can from: 

A dream

A tragedy

A disease

Or that illness that everyone feels at some time in their life but which the world’s best doctors and surgeons can’t put their hands on it to heal; heartache.  

Within the confines of the cover of this book, you will find a writer who has found her inspiration in all of these things and managed to take all of these special moments, place them in poetic form, and allow the reader to feel in their own right all of the things that consist of what we humans call life.